Some readings on income inequality



As we start, we’ll be talking about the distribution of income in Canada and around the world. In class, we’ll be talking about the conditions that give rise to a distribution of income within an economy. Much of this discussion will be geared towards furthering our understanding the cause, role and consequences of income inequality.

Towards this end, here are some readings to start considering:

  1. Overview of income inequality in Canada
  2. Data on incomes in Canada
  3. Growing inequality in Canada
  4. Discussion on income inequality in Canada
  5. Joseph Stiglitz on degrees of income inequality
  6. Some graphics on U.S. income inequality

When we think of income inequality, we are often engaging in discussions regarding poverty and public policies targeting the alleviation of poverty. Here are some readings on poverty in Canada:

  1. Low incomes lines for 2011-2012
  2. Low income among children
  3. Income dynamics of individuals with low incomes

Work on international comparisons of inequality:

  1. Is the world becoming more unequal
  2. Global income inequality (World Bank)
  3. International differences in low paid work
  4. Cross-national comparisons of inequality

Some readings on the consequences of inequality:

  1. Health consequences
  2. Socioeconomic effects
  3. Efficiency and equality
  4. Inequality and violent crime
  5. Respect and inequality
  6. The Human Development Index (HDI)

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